Nanoblading vs. Korean Nanoblading

Nanoblading vs. Korean Nanoblading

Tired of painful waxing, threading, or tweezing techniques for fixing up your eyebrows? Read all about Nanoblading vs. Korean Nanoblading. Today, I will give you the necessary information about the trending eyebrow shaping technique, Nanoblading. We’ll discuss Nanoblading vs. Korean Nanoblading, so you know exactly which one you should choose. These techniques aren’t too different from microblading; they’re just new and improved versions. Intrigued? Let’s find out about Nanoblading vs. Korean Nanoblading!


This technique uses extremely fine needles and pigment for a semi-permanent brow treatment. The process consists of creating realistic eyebrow hair using sharp nano-needles, giving a precise and natural look. Nanoblading procedures use an automatic machine to create fine hairs matching your original eyebrow structure. Nanoblading may only be slightly painful in comparison to the related procedure of microblading. Treatment usually lasts between two to three hours, including a retouching session after the process.

Korean Nanoblading

Korean Nanoblading is essentially the same as standard Nanoblading. However, Korean Nanoblading is usually done using a handheld device, rather than an automatic machine. Professionals can decide if your eyebrow treatment requires machine Nanoblading or handheld Nanoblading, or a combination of both. Korean Nanoblading is known to be slightly more effective and show more promising results than standard Nanoblading. However, it might be more costly.

Here’s a quick sum-up of the major pros and cons of Nanoblading and Korean Nanoblading. It’ll help decide whether these procedures are suitable for you.


·       The procedures are safe, fast, and effective.

·       You’ll get perfect, fuller eyebrows.

·       The treatment lasts for more than a year.

·       Accurate results by highly trained professionals.


·       It’s a costly treatment.

·       It can be mildly painful.

·       Skin takes a few days to heal afterward.

Nanoblading and Korean Nanoblading have considerably changed the face of beauty and cosmetics. Before you opt for any procedure, you should get proper consultation and find out if your skin is suitable for the treatment.